A person becomes a TAAT user if he/she has an user account in at least one of the member institutions.

Click on the TAAT button or login link to use a service that uses TAAT authentication.

You are redirected to a page where you can choose your home institution.

After choosing your home institution you are taken to the login page of that institution, where you can log in the usual way.

After login you are required to give your agreement for sending personal data to the service.

You are logged in and ready to use a service.

FAQ (frequently asked questions):

Can I use TAAT?

Only those who have an user account in at least one of the member institutions can use TAAT. Once your institution has joined TAAT you are eligible to use the services connected to it without additional registration or activation.

What kind of personal data is given out?

TAAT can transmit following data:

  • full name
  • Estonian personal id code
  • e-mail address
  • preferred language
  • home institution
  • user’s role in home institution
  • organisational unit in home institution (ie department)
  • study level (only for students)

Service provider will only receive the data that is necessary to use the service. User will see all the personal data that is being transferred and can cancel the authentication process.

Does that mean that my institution gives out  my personal data without my knowledge?

No. Personal data is only being transferred when user himself starts the authentication process.

I with to authenticate for a service but my home institution is not on the list although I know it has joined TAAT.

In that case the service has been blocked by your institution or the other way around – the service blocked access from users from your institution.

When can I turn to when I’m experiencing problems with TAAT?

In any kind of problems during authentication you should turn to your home institution.